[GRASS-user] using r.resamp.stats- When I reach a tie

António Rocha antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt
Mon Feb 28 03:50:56 EST 2011

Hi Glynn.
Thanks for your answer. Is there any other alternative, to resample 
data, that uses another approach to solve tie events?

Glynn Clements wrote:
> António Rocha wrote:
>> I'm planning on using r.resamp.stats in order to  resample a grid to a 
>> coarser resolution. Since I'm using this function with classes I will 
>> use mode method (more frequentclass to fall into a destination cell is 
>> the chosen). My question is: when I have a tie between two classes, how 
>> does GRASS decides which class shall be chosen?
> In the event of a tie, the lowest-numbered category is chosen.

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