[GRASS-user] Install Addon GRASS 7.0 on Mac

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 01:01:36 EST 2011

William wrote:
> g.extension also changes how GRASS_ADDON_PATH is
> interpreted, from GRASS 6 - it used to be a direct path to
> the executable folder, ie bin/, now it's a path to the
> parent of that.  The default user addon paths set by
> the Mac startup are (GRASS version is major.minor version):

It still should be a single path which points to a dir which should be
added to GRASS's search $PATH.

yes, g.extension is abusing it a bit using it like --prefix, but some
months ago g.extension was reworked with a hack so a symlink to the
executable made it into the real $GRASS_ADDON_PATH and not some support
dir beneath it.

it is far from ideal, but it should make it work.. at least when the
install is built from a local compile. not sure how well tested it is
outside of that (where Platform.make and friends need to point to the
installed dir not the build dir, which doesn't exist on the end-users'



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