[GRASS-user] WIND file not changing, set to DEFAULT_WIND

Duffy, Garret garret.duffy at nuigalway.ie
Fri Nov 4 08:13:14 EDT 2011


env | grep WIND returns no WIND_OVERRIDE variable.

I am using the "Map Display" window used by GIS Manager and not  a
monitor produced by d.mon, is this anything to do with the issue?

Is there a command to update current region to the view displayed by the
"Map Display" window?



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Duffy, Garret wrote:

> I'm having issues with my WIND file, it seems to be set to the 
> DEFAULT_WIND value and is not updating with my current region.

Check whether the environment variable WIND_OVERRIDE is set. If it is,
the named region specified by that variable is used instead of the WIND

> I'm thinking I could delete the WIND file and restart GRASS but don't 
> want to mess anything up if I do this.

GRASS requires a mapset directory to contain a WIND file in order for it
to be recognised as a mapset. However, if the WIND file has been
deleted, you can create a new one by copying the DEFAULT_WIND file, so
it isn't a difficult situation to recover from.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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