[GRASS-user] XY location (unprojected)

Salvatore Mellino salvatore.mellino at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 06:26:41 EST 2011


I have generated a location from a georeferenced file but I don't know its coordinate system and its projection. In the following I write the results of g.proj and g.region

g.proj -p                                                                       
XY location (unprojected)

g.region -p                                                                     
projection: 0 (x,y)
zone:       0
north:      7612388.5
south:      7547502
west:       1604250.75
east:       1709645
nsres:      3244.325
ewres:      5269.7125
rows:       20
cols:       20
cells:      400

The zone is in located in the northern sweden. 

What does it means XY location (unprojected)?



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