[GRASS-user] r.mask broken in 6.4.2?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 15:41:19 EST 2012

Huub wrote:
> With 6.4.2RC3 and also the recently released 6.4.2 (stable 
> version), I run into this problem after trying to create a mask
> (either through gui or terminal => r.mask):
> /opt/grass-6.4.2/scripts/r.mask: eval: line 87: unexpected
> EOF while looking for matching `''
> /opt/grass-6.4.2/scripts/r.mask: eval: line 88: syntax
> error: unexpected end of file


can you test if it works for you in 6.5svn? there were some
variable-quoting fixes there which have only just now been
backported, to be included in a future 6.4.3 release.

I don't see why it would cause your problem, but it might make
the error message more obvious.

(and what did your full command line look like?)


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