[GRASS-user] installing Grass 7 on ubuntu 11.04

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 09:59:20 PDT 2012


On 31 October 2012 17:34, Manish Gautam <manish.gautam29 at gmail.com> wrote:
> ...
> Another thing is how the command ./configure is to be used on Ubuntu 11.04.
> the terminal says the ./configure command not found though the necessary
> compiler is already been installed on the machine.
Are you in the right directory (in the folder with source codes)? Is
configure script executable (chmod u+x configure)? It is always good
idea for me to confirm these things at first.

Note that once you get ./configure working, you will need to set
parameters for configure script (listed here


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