[GRASS-user] 3D Point Cloud Visualization for Archaeology

Rebecca Bennett rabennett at ymail.com
Sat Apr 13 13:31:22 PDT 2013

Hello Adrian,

You might want to pop over to here for a swift introduction to lidar visualisation for detecting archaeological features:


and here to read about the technical aspects of some of the visualisations that you might want to do when you've rasterised the data... 


all of which can be done in GRASS as per stuff I documented here:

For point clouds there is a linux viewer from Oliver Kreylos http://idav.ucdavis.edu/~okreylos/ResDev/LiDAR/index.html
and a free viewer from Fugro http://www.fugroviewer.com/ that works on Windows and linux (via WINE).

You may want to give some careful thought as to how you'd like to map / record the features you identify. Please feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Bennett

Postdoctoral Associate, Wired! Group
Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies
Duke University, Durham, NC

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>Adrian wrote:
>> My work with GRASS GIS is related to Airborne Laser Scanning
>> (ALS) data. I have to discover archaeological structures. For
>> the purpose I need to visualize the data as a 3d point cloud.
>> How can I do that in GRASS?
>start here:
>  http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/LIDAR
>(ground based laser scanning is more difficult as nviz doesn't
>like more than a few million vector points, but actual 3D point
>cloud viz is possible [see the "Help with 3D" wiki page])
>if you really want point cloud viz, see the PCL library:
>  http://pointclouds.org
>GRASS focuses more on the analysis of LiDAR data (which is what
>will give you answers instead of just the pretty pictures :)
>see also www.liblas.org
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