[GRASS-user] v.transform issue

Bulent Arikan bulent.arikan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 23:35:23 PDT 2013

Dear List,

I digitized a vegetation map and now I want to transform a centroid using 'v.transform' only using (x,y) values. I am getting this "failure" message on the Command Console of the Layer Manager:

Command 'd.vect map=SSOOF_map_vtransform at Vegetation_30m'
Details: Coor files of vector map
<SSOOF_map_vtransform at Vegetation_30m> is larger than it
should be (240 bytes excess)

I am working in a UTM location at 30m res. This is a tiny centroid and the module runs without error message. I tried to transform the vector with and without -s flag (use transformation parameters instead of points).

What is the problem?

Thank you!


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