[GRASS-user] g.extension error installing install r.hazard.flood

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat May 18 03:52:04 PDT 2013

> Some observations that might help
> identify if my system is in error?
> I've added the following to .grass.bashrc
> GRASS_ADDON_PATH=/home/rcooper/.grass6/addons/bin

that is fine, just to note that the bin/ and script/ dirs
were created there due to the crash of the extension manager
GUI, usually they are removed after install of the executable
to ~/.grass6/addons/. but it's all ok, if you manually set
GRASS_ADDON_PATH grass will respect whatever you choose to do.
it can also be multiple paths if you like, separated by ":".
> However, I can only run the r.fuzzy.logic extension if I
> also set the GRASS_ADDON_PATH in a terminal and run the run
> grass from the same terminal
> (I cannot run the extension if starting GRASS from the
> menu)?

GRASS_ADDON_PATH needs to be set before the grass startup script
runs, so the menu misses that, setting it in the terminal only
affects the terminal itself and things launched from it. I set
my GRASS_ADDON_PATH in ~/.bashrc so it's always available.


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