[GRASS-user] Compile and install GRASS GIS 7 on Fedora 23 64 bit

CARLO CORMIO carlo.cormio at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 13:57:52 PST 2016

Hi Markus,

thank you, also for qgis 2.13 repo for fedora :-)

Il 13/feb/2016 10:23 PM, "Markus Neteler" <neteler at osgeo.org> ha scritto:
> Do you have the openGL development libs installed (I use nouveau, so
> the package name there is:
> mesa-libGL-devel
> which contains
> /usr/include/GL/gl.h
> Do you have that file?

Yes I have that file, but OpenGL support is not installed as I excluded it
upon configuration (due to errors, maybe coming from the use of nvidia
proprietary driver).

Could it simply be a matter of path to openGL library?

> And, is the content of
> cd lib/nviz
> compiled? (try "make" therein)

Uhm, I don't think. This is what I see in lib/nviz:

change_view.c draw.c lights.c map_obj.c nvizlib.dox render.c cplanes_obj.c
exag.c Makefile nviz.c position.c

Maybe I have to modify Makefile in the row where it looks for OPENGL_X11?

Thank you,

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