[GRASS-user] (Linux) WXGUI not launching command windows in Fluxbox

Tomáš Brunclík brunclik at atlas.cz
Mon Apr 10 01:56:58 PDT 2017

Update: I just tried with Fluxbox running inside MATE instead of its 
default Marco window manager, with the same results as running bare 
Fluxbox. Maybe it is Fluxbox specific? (Fluxbox 1.3.5)
Tomas B

Tomáš Brunclík napsal(a):
> Hello all,
> I just encountered strange wxgui behaviour (Linux 64bit, GRASS 
> 7.2.1svn r70326 binary snapshot):
> When I run it from MATE desktop environment, everything works normally.
> When I run it from Fluxbox, wxgui starts, I can select location and 
> mapset, the main program starts normally. But then, selecting (almost) 
> any interactive command from menu, i.e. v.info or g.region, nothing 
> happens. Also, when I try to run the same command without parameters 
> from the console within the layer manager window, nothing happens, 
> nothing shows in the console log file if I activate it. When I try to 
> run the same command from the terminal emulator window running in the 
> GRASS session, it normally launches the v.info window. Very few 
> actions do open a window from menu, so far I discovered g.gui.gcp, 
> "Add more raster or vector maps (Ctrl-Shift-L)" and "Run script" in 
> File menu and panel icons working (translation of menu items from Czech).
> Selecting a non-interactive menu item, or putting it in the console, 
> like g.region -p ( menu "Settings/Region/Show whole region (g.region 
> -p)" ), the command works and shows its output in the output pane of 
> the console tab.
> Can anyone reproduce this? Is it normal, i.e. does the wxgui need some 
> service not running in a bare linux window manager, which is running 
> in a typical full desktop environment?
> Regards,
> Tomas Brunclik
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