[GRASS-user] R: R: R: Grass 7.4.0 install error

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Fri Feb 16 21:41:19 PST 2018

>I tried to install GRASS7.4 in OSGeo4W but with no success. 

>The search for sqlite3* gave:   sqlite3.dll in C:\Windows\System32 

ok, there is another SQLite in your %PATH% on that machine. 

AFAIK Windows10 doesn't install it there, this must come from another
software which put the dll in C:\Windows\System32.

please try following steps:

- deinstall OSGeo4W completely on that win 10 64bit machine
- rename C:\Windows\System32\sqlite3.dll to something like xxxsqlite3.dll
- as you have done before: just install the basic OSGeo4W with GDAL etc
- install GRASS 7.4.0 in OSGeo4W

and report back if that works. I think it will.

if it works, then the software which installed the dll in
C:\Windows\System32 will be broken.

just start other  software which you have installed on that machine step by
step and see which one is now broken.

If you have found it, move xxxsqlite3.dll to the installation directory of
this program, e.g. c:\Programs\YourSoftwareBreakingGrass and rename it back
to sqlite3.dll.

then also this software should work again


best regards
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