[GRASS-user] Fwd: ASC files - Contours lines on elevation map on GRASS 7.4/Ubuntu 16.04

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Wed Feb 21 05:18:38 PST 2018

Am 21. Februar 2018 11:31:15 MEZ schrieb Kevin Labre <kxmlab at gmail.com>:
>Dear list,
>I'm quite new to GRASS and Ubuntu, it might be an easy question.
>I'm trying to display contour lines on a map of the piece of land I'm
>The data used is 4 .asc files with respective .prj files created under
>ARCGis on Windows, projection RGFG95 UTM 22N. They're imported into
>using the r.import command.
>I can load them and managed to display contour lines using r.contour on
>or the other, but not the four tiles altogether:
>>>Are there any steps I'm missing?

Did you set your region to the extent of all 4 elevation maps ?

For us to help you, we need some more info. Could you give us the output of:

- g.region -p
- r.info on each of the contour files



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