[GRASSweb-list]New PHP grass website for mirrors without PHP

Simon Valiquette v.simon at ieee.org
Mon Dec 27 20:11:59 EST 2004

Markus Neteler a écrit :
> Simon,
> sorry for the inconvenience. I had added some days before
> a file info.php into the images/ subdir to see which
> servers do not support PHP. Some people I have contacted
> to add support although nearly all mirrors already
> have PHP.
> It seems that I missed to verify your site and to contact
> you in advance - my apologies.
> The only PHP function which I am using is include() to
> construct the menus. No other tricks...
> I can see that your site is functional:
> http://gulus.USherbrooke.ca/pub/appl/grass/images/info.php
> with PHP3. So nothing to do...

   I received about a half-douzaine emails about it.  Because my GRASS 
mirror was almost not usable without PHP, I had to find time to install 
it (and test it's security on another machine before putting it on the 

   But thank you that you double checked that it worked properly.

Simon Valiquette

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