[GRASSweb-list]Finnish mirror and Grass users group (Fgug)

Juhana Nieminen juhana.nieminen at helsinki.fi
Wed Jan 21 01:20:32 EST 2004

Hello there,

We are building up a new server system here at Helsinki University - to 
replace our old mirror site which has had problems the last half year or 

Whom should I contact to get tier 1 status? The server we are 
configuring has will have the Grass mirror open atleast for Finland and 
the other baltic countries, most probably we will keep it open for all. 
We are also building a Mapserver site to have our GIS available teaching 
materials for preview to student and researchers.

The mirror will be visible atleast from:
ginkgo.ecology.helsinki.fi/grass and grass.ecology.helsinki.fi

Then we have established a Finnish Grass Users Group "FGUG" the 
homepages are underway. The goal is to write and translate some critical 
GRASS documents into Finnish (to be used in teaching and environmental 

best regards from cold Helsinki (-21C this morning)
Juhana N.

-Juhana Nieminen-----------------------------------------
Department of Forest Resource Management
P.O.Box 27 (Latokartanonkaari 7)     Tel:+358-9-191 58190
FIN-00014, University of Helsinki    Fax:+358-9-191 58159	
Division of Environmental Biology,GIS Laboratory
P.O.Box 44 (Jyrangontie 2)           tel:+358-9-191 50054
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki     fax:+358-9-191 50048
Finland                 http://ginkgo.ecology.helsinki.fi

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