[GRASSweb-list]Finnish mirror and Grass users group (Fgug)

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Mon Jan 26 04:43:33 EST 2004

Hello Juhana,

you may contact me (MN) for the tier-1 activation (thanks for
setting up a new mirror!) and the 'weblist at grass.itc.it' for
web page additions such as FGUG etc.

Please let me know the IP of the tier-1 mirror so that
I can add it to rge 'rsync' list.

Kind regards

 Markus Neteler

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 08:20:32AM +0200, Juhana Nieminen wrote:
> Hello there,
> We are building up a new server system here at Helsinki University - to 
> replace our old mirror site which has had problems the last half year or 
> so.
> Whom should I contact to get tier 1 status? The server we are 
> configuring has will have the Grass mirror open atleast for Finland and 
> the other baltic countries, most probably we will keep it open for all. 
> We are also building a Mapserver site to have our GIS available teaching 
> materials for preview to student and researchers.
> The mirror will be visible atleast from:
> ginkgo.ecology.helsinki.fi/grass and grass.ecology.helsinki.fi
> Then we have established a Finnish Grass Users Group "FGUG" the 
> homepages are underway. The goal is to write and translate some critical 
> GRASS documents into Finnish (to be used in teaching and environmental 
> NGO's).
> best regards from cold Helsinki (-21C this morning)
> Juhana N.
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