[GRASS-windows] GRASS 6.4.0 RC3 wxpython : command ... not yet implemented (d.barscale etc)

Vladimir Goncharov vgon at mobilae.ru
Mon Feb 23 13:23:41 EST 2009

>> Please look at the subject line: GRASS 6.4.0 RC3
> Sorry, missed that. Did you use the osgeo4w installer ?
Well, I do. But I made some work manually because I have custom
installation of Python and wxPython for other project.

>> But I can type
>>   d.his elevation i=elevation_shade
>> and
>>   d.vect roadsmajor
>> and it work prefectly.
> Funny, here in GNU/Linux and with grass6 development version, d.his
> works, but d.vect doesn't. For the latter, I first have to double
> click on the vector layer and click on Apply for the vector layer to
> appear in the Map Display...
> Can't try on Windows right now.
Sure, I add layers through 'Add vector' button usually, but I'm trying
to follow book in this case :)
>> What is difference between d.his and d.barscale?
>> Is it documented?
> I don't know. Maybe due to the fact that d.barscale has some
> interactive code for placement... CC'ing to the wxgui developers for
> comment.
Well, OK. I will try to find time and look at the code by myself. The
problem was that I was not sure if it is bug or feature.
>>> You can use d.* commands on the command line when you use direct
>>> rendering [1].
>> What is direct rendering?
> When direct rendering is "activated", you can type d.* commands at the
> command line and the result is rendered into a file, instead of the
> screen. See
> http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/manuals/html64_user/variables.html#dirrend
> and
> http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/manuals/html64_user/pngdriver.html
> To use this, you have to use GRASS via the command line.
Thanks! The main goal of my returning to GRASS is developing scripts to
automate process of creaing maps. That's why I am interested
to run commands.
>>> (  BTW,does anybody know is
>>>> there menu item for this command? I can't find it:))
>>> It is not in the main menus, but in the 'Add raster layer' button menu.
>> Sorry? I see d.shadedmap and r.his out there, but not d.his.  Probably
>> r.his does the same work, but it requires more arguments.
> Click on the button circled in red on:
> http://geog-pc40.ulb.ac.be/grass/misc/GISManager.png
> You then get a menu, of which one choice is "Add HIS layer" which
> opens the d.his dialogue window and adds a layer to the GIS Manager.
Oops!  I miss that. Thanks!
>> Again, I'm reading GRASS book and trying to run commands found in the
>> text ( 3rd chapter in this case). It seems that
>> I have to use stable version but not bleeding-edge one.
> Well, for windows, the bleeding-edge one is probably much more stable
> than any older ones.
> You could try using the gis.m GUI instead of the wx GUI. For that you
> need to find your .grassrc6 file (normally in your home directory,
> which under windows is often in c:\Documents and settings\UserName and
> change the setting of the GRASS_GUI variable to tcltk and then restart
Thanks again. As far as I understand, I can change this setting through 
Config ->GRASS working environment menu. Can't I?


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