Incubation Meeting Monday!

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Fri Jun 16 11:18:02 EDT 2006


At the face to face meetings a number of us incubators worked to complete
revision of the proposed OSGeo process documents and I'm quite pleased
with the result.  They can be found at:

I have scheduled an incubator meeting for this coming Monday, and will
be asking that we approve these documents then.  So I would appreciate
everyone making a pass over them. Feel free to make minor adjustments
directly in the wiki.  Substantial (ie. policy) changes should likely be
suggested to the list, and Paul can apply them if the list is agreeable.

At the coming meeting we will also select a new mentor for MapGuide Open
Source, as Daniel Brookshier is no longer our community manager.  I'm
assuming that this means he won't have the time to continue participating
in the community.

Also, Paul is very close to recommenting Mapbender for graduation from
incubation.  I don't know if the last small items will be done for Monday
but I would like us all to review the Mapbender status so we can identify
any issues that we might consider blockers on Monday.  I suspect formal
recommendation for graduation will at the next next meeting after this
Monday.  But since Mapbender looks like it will be our first graduate it
would make sense to get ourselves ready for it.

Please feel free to add items to the meeting Agenda at:

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