[Incubator] PLEASE READ & REPLY: cvs/svn and svn/svn import to OSGeo.org

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Mon May 15 15:06:15 EDT 2006

On Thu, May 11, 2006 00:58, Daniel Brookshier wrote:
> Greetings folks, I need some quick answers from you right away.

I am slightly confounded. We have reported our problems several weeks ago,
could not get going and then moved in without history as there was no
alternative perspective to be seen. So I thought that you would know what
we need?!? We have the history in the CVS at SourceForge and uploaded the
CVS tarball that we exported from there into the docs directory of
mapbender.osgeo.org. If you can still add it to the running SVN go ahead
but there has been added a lot of new stuff since then


> I am working on getting your current repositories moved to the OSGeo
> platform. We are doing a little creative work to get this done
> because importing a repository tar ball has been seen as an
> enterprise service as opposed to something SOP in an open source
> community. This also the first time we have seen a community come
> together from a set of well-established projects. Most of our
> communities are composed of new projects. So in order to make this
> work, I need some information.
> Project Name:
> Contact name and email:
> Do you want to copy your repository history to OSGeo?: (y/n)
> Repository type and version (like SVN 3.1):
> Where are you are currently hosted (custom, CodeHaus, Source Forge,
> etc.):
> Do you have the capability to dump to a svn tarball?:(y/n)
> How many files:
> Approximate size of repository (if you can do a svnadmin dump is ideal):
> The question about actually moving the repository history is
> important. I need to know how many of you plan to do this to scope
> operation's people's time. Porting your entire repository history is
> not a requirement. As an example, MapGuide chose to just import their
> latest release. There is something to be said for starting out clean.
> I have seen some folks just create snapshots of major release to tar
> files and not even put them in the repository. Depends on what you
> think is important verses clutter.
> Note, you can always start with your current version. So there is no
> need to wait for this effort to take place. With svn it is a simple
> matter to merge the tip of the deep history with the current work.
> Just make sure you don't do a lot of fancy refactoring of the
> directory structure.
> Please reply ASAP because I need to get things started.
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Arnulf Christl

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