[Incubator] New application: rasdaman

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Wed May 13 01:13:27 EDT 2009

> Jody,
> My opinion is that not that we have too many projects stuck in incubation,
> after all there are only five projects in incubation currently.  My opinion
> is that those with experience in the incubation process are not willing
> to volunteer to act as mentors for the new candidate projects.

That is another way to look at it.

> I'm not sure if the solution is more active solicitation of mentors from
> the existing folks with experience, or whether we ought to widen the
> circle of potential mentor candidates.

I was not aware we had restricted the circle of potential mentor
candidates to any great extent.

> It is also possible that the candidate projects are just not of sufficient
> interest to attract mentor candidates, but certainly that can not apply to
> a project as popular as PostGIS!  (Actually, we have had a mentor candidate
> volunteer for PostGIS).

> I do think we need to proceed to a graduation vote for OSSIM.  I'm afraid
> that incubation committee activity has fallen well down my priority list.

I am open to suggestions; I concur that the list is not very active right now.

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