[Incubator] Motion: deegree incubation graduation

Judit Mays mays at lat-lon.de
Thu Jan 14 06:38:15 EST 2010

Thanks, Arnulf, for the additional notes regarding the PSC members list.
I will see to have it fixed by the beginning of next week.

I think the reason for "draft status" of the Manifest was that we were
waiting whether incubation committee members came up with objections of
some sort. We wanted to make clear that we could change parts of the
document if requested to (and those requests being in line with deegree
community). If no objections turn up during this 7 day period we would
remove the "draft".


Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> Some additional notes:
> The deegree project should synchronize documents, Wiki and website.
> Currently on the OSGeo Wiki [1] the PSC members listed are:
>     * Herman Assink (IDgis)
>     * Jens Fitzke (lat/lon)
>     * Prof. Dr. Klaus Greve (Bonn University)
>     * Dr. Markus Lupp
>     * Dr. Andreas Poth (lat/lon)
> On the deegree web site [2] the following members are listed:
>     * Jens Fitzke (lat/lon)
>     * Prof. Dr. Klaus Greve (Bonn University)
>     * Dr. Markus Lupp
>     * Dr. Andreas Poth (lat/lon)
> The third document with a reference to the PSC members is the deegree
> Wiki [3]. This page lacks a link to either of the above PSC member list
> references. It would make things easier for folks to have the list of
> members either copied here or made available through a link on that page.
> The deegree Manifest [3] is still in draft status. It would look better
> to move this page to an approved status. This does not mean that it can
> never be changed again, obviously everything is up for changes over time.

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