[Incubator] GeoMajas Graduation Recommendation

Pieter De Graef pieter.degraef at geosparc.com
Tue Oct 12 02:49:45 EDT 2010

  Thanks Frank,

I'm very pleased to hear you say that.
In regard to the PSC, I have been thinking about simply inviting someone 
with Open Source experience (from OSGeo?) to help out in determining the 
general direction....but I'm not sure yet if that's a good idea.

Op 11/10/2010 18:56, Frank Warmerdam schreef:
> Paul Spencer wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like to recommend to the Incubation Committee that we consider
>> GeoMajas for graduation from incubation. 
> Paul,
> I have reviewed the incubation and provenance review document and I am
> pleased with their completeness and conclusions.
> As others have mentioned, I have a concern with the PSC being so 
> dominated
> by folks from one company.  I hope that moving forward every reasonable
> effort will be made to provide more folks outside Geosparc with a role in
> the PSC where their involvement justifies it.  It is an important aspect,
> in my opinion, of open governance of OSGeo project that those using and
> contributing to a project do not feel that it is definitively under the
> control of one organization.
> I am also mildly concerned by all copyright being assigned to Geosparc
> which means that Geosparc can relicense contributors code in any fashion
> it wishes.  Nevertheless, this doesn't remove the communities access to
> the existing releases to fork and keep as an open source project if
> necessary.  Also, in signing the CLA contributors are pretty clear on the
> situation.  So I don't see this as a "blocker".
> I have also reviewed the geomajas-dev mailing list and I'm pleased to see
> lots of open technical discussion with folks inside and outside Geosparc,
> voting on proposals that include some revisions and so forth.
> With the concerns stated above, I'd be willing to support a motion for
> Geomajas to graduate incubation.
> Best regards,

Pieter De Graef

Community Manager
GeoSparc nv.

Chairman of the Geomajas project

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