[Incubator] Motion: Proposing Marble for OSGeo Graduation

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at metaspatial.net
Thu Sep 12 04:17:05 PDT 2013

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imho Marble is ready for graduation. They have done their chore, went
through our lists (find the links below) updated their website to
reflect their current status as incubating project. I have personally
checked some 60% of the source code (because none of the developers
found the time to do it). When talking to Torsten about this it became
apparent that they did not really see the need because they are part
of KDE community and strictly adhere to the KDE rules since inception
of the project.

I still found half a dozen issues, minor things, mainly missing
license headers. One library had a permissive self made license, but
we found it to be compatible. All other issues were addressed within
max 10 days after me reporting them. Response was very good. A code
checker gives regular status reports and all issues are available
through well established KDE mechanisms.

In general I am very impressed with the project and the way it is
managed. The PSC is called the "maintainer group" and has a somewhat
less formal structure than we have established for more commercial
projects. One reason may be that there is no pressure from any
commercial entity which might be pushing their agenda. It is a truly
volunteer community project.

Being part of KDE seems to have a good effect on the overall
organization and set-up, everything is pretty transparent. The outward
facing documentation is excellent (some of our own graduated projects
could learn from this project).

Marble comes with a lot of data all of which is excellently referenced
and licensed.

I believe that Marble will be a great addition to OSGeo and helps to
round off the educational efforts of the Foundation by also reaching
out to younger students and schools.

Please read the status and code provenance pages and ask questions or
confirm that you fill confident to go ahead with graduation:

We had hopes to be able to announce graduation at FOSS4G - but
unfortunately I have probably sent this mail a little too late now.
Lets see how things go.


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Arnulf Christl
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