[Incubator] MetaCRS

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 13:37:16 PDT 2013

Daniel, Frank,
I suspect that the grouping of the MetaCRS projects together would be 
making it hard to complete incubation, because you would be needing to 
check back on all projects to confirm completion of each incubation step?

Maybe a way forward would be to push each project through incubation 
separately? I suspect that proj4j should be able to fly through the 
criteria very quickly by itself?

On 13/09/13 23:13, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Hi Jody, all,
> I am currently the mentor for the MetaCRS project, which is a kind of 
> a special case because it is an aggregate of multiple CRS-related 
> projects, given that each of them is not big enough on its own, but 
> that the services they provide are critical to all OSGeo software, and 
> we thought that cross-collaboration between those projects can be a 
> great OSGeo asset and a way to raise their respective bus numbers.
> I still believe that MetaCRS should try to get through incubation, but 
> I can't find the time to work with them in a proactive way towards 
> that (and they have not made that a priority either).
> All this to say that if another experienced mentor is interested, then 
> it may be a good idea that I leave this project to a new mentor to 
> work with the MetaCRS projects to figure how to handle their special 
> situation and get them through incubation.
> The lead of the MetaCRS project is Frank Warmerdam BTW.
> Any volunteer?
> Daniel 

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