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The reason MetaCRS was done as a sort of meta project was that it was
perceived that each would be too small on it's own to be considered a
viable community.   If were to try and incubate them separately, how would
we address that concern.  For instance, at least at times PROJ.4 has been
essentially a one man project despite having a fairly broad user base.

I had vague aspirations that a sort of community would gel amount the
components of the MetaCRS project.  There has been a little synergy out of
this, but quite far short of what I might have hoped for in terms of

I must say, I'm not sure of the way forward.

I, personally, am ok with this sitting in incubation of for a while longer
but I realize that some other folks on the committee would like to see time
horizons shorter than a decade for the incubation process. :-)

We could actually reasonably easily (IMHO) push the copyright review phase
ahead.  But I'm not sure how worthwhile that is without a meaningfully
gelled shared community.

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On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Cameron Shorter
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> Daniel, Frank,
> I suspect that the grouping of the MetaCRS projects together would be
> making it hard to complete incubation, because you would be needing to
> check back on all projects to confirm completion of each incubation step?
> Maybe a way forward would be to push each project through incubation
> separately? I suspect that proj4j should be able to fly through the
> criteria very quickly by itself?
> On 13/09/13 23:13, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>> Hi Jody, all,
>> I am currently the mentor for the MetaCRS project, which is a kind of a
>> special case because it is an aggregate of multiple CRS-related projects,
>> given that each of them is not big enough on its own, but that the services
>> they provide are critical to all OSGeo software, and we thought that
>> cross-collaboration between those projects can be a great OSGeo asset and a
>> way to raise their respective bus numbers.
>> I still believe that MetaCRS should try to get through incubation, but I
>> can't find the time to work with them in a proactive way towards that (and
>> they have not made that a priority either).
>> All this to say that if another experienced mentor is interested, then it
>> may be a good idea that I leave this project to a new mentor to work with
>> the MetaCRS projects to figure how to handle their special situation and
>> get them through incubation.
>> The lead of the MetaCRS project is Frank Warmerdam BTW.
>> Any volunteer?
>> Daniel

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