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On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com>wrote:

> So I have been kind of winging it in adapting our IRC meeting practices to
> the email list. Would it help if I make a wiki page writing down how it
> works?
> 1) Motion followed by +1/-1 voting
> 2) First vote is cindered seconding the motion


I'm not quite sure what "cindered" was intended to be.  I'm not sure how
important seconding is as a concept.

> 3) If the motion just gets lost into discussion then there is no second
> for the motion (so it is considered withdrawn)
> 4) Quorum:  On IRC this was easy, in the email list we I have been trying
> to get half our participants to vote

I would not be inclined to set the quorum too high.  Even four +1's and no
dissent in the voting period would be enough for me to consider most
motions passed.

> 5) Two weeks: Long enough to account for busy/vacations, short enough that
> the committee accomplishes something

I feel like two weeks for all motions is pretty long.  Possibly that would
be appropriate for graduation since members ought to do some research and
there could be some questions.  I'd be inclined to treat other motions on
briefer basis, at least down to one week.  To long a voting period can
result in people losing track of the question or putting off investigating

> Aside: I notice the board carries there IRC meetings over to the email
> list for any members that could not attend the meeting, but I expect they
> have more policies about needing every board member to vote, this is handy
> as they know when to "stop".

Right.  There are some particular formal issues that apply to the board.

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