[Incubator] osgeo innovator (was labs)

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 18:25:17 PST 2016

A couple of results for the incubation team out of the weekend's board

We have the "GeoForAll Labs" and our OSGeo labs projects - and the two
names trip on each other.

Board members were also a bit taken aback that our incubation process is
not really "welcome" to innovation (indeed our graduation requirements tend
to favour established projects).

With that in mind - I would like to kick off:

1) Renaming OSGeo Labs as OSGeo Innovator

The branding for this is way better for projects! Having an "OSGeo
Innovator" badge on your home page is way more "positive" an impression.

2) Revise the procedures around this activity

My first take is:
- provide a home for small project teams / single organization projects
- focus on new projects (so provide README, CONTRIBUTING, PSC files for a
project to copy into github)
- stick to our "open source" and "open development" guns!
- "save the sticker" until on-boarding is complete
Jody Garnett
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