[Lizmap] are German contributions to this mailing list desired?

G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Tue Nov 10 23:52:56 PST 2020

Hi all,


we are a group of enthusiastic Lizmap users in German-speaking countries and
are looking for a way to communicate better. To be able to exchange
questions / problems / experiences about Lizmap and especially to help new,
interested users.

Important questions, suggestions, etc. could then also be forwarded in
English to the mailing list or Github.


This is preferably done via a mailing list. Hence the question to this list:

Would it be ok if there were also German contributions or is that not what
you want?


There are purely English mailing lists, but there are also some with a mixed
language, such as the one from the Mapbender.


It would be nice if an active German-speaking user group could establish
itself, which helps to make this web client better known and supports the
project. We are also planning a user meeting at the FOSSGIS conference in
Rapperswil in 2021.




Günter Wagner




Ingenieurbüro für Geoinformatik
Carl-Orff-Weg 7
79312 Emmendingen
Tel.:  07641/9621668
Fax:  07641/915599
 <http://www.wagner-it.de/> www.wagner-it.de


PS: Sorry for the English but unfortunately it is only possible with Google
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