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Arnaud Vandecasteele arnaud.sig at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 04:58:40 PDT 2022

I've been working for the last couple of weeks on a new extension called "
Lizmap-Announcement <https://github.com/arno974/lizmap-announcement>" [1].
The main idea behin this extension is to allow the administrator to publish
news and announcements that will be displayed on a project opening.

*Currently, the main functionnalities are :*
 - Write an announcement in the administration section : you can select if
the announcement will be displayed on all the projects of a repository or
for an individual project. Announcements are stored inside a SQLite
 - View/Delete the announcement in the administration section
 - View the announcement when opening a project that has been configured to
display an announcement
 - When a user close an announcement, it will not be displayed anymore
(unless the announcement is configured as permanent - but not implemented

*Things that could be improved/verify:*
 - I am not yet very comfortable with the jelix extension installation
mechanism. During the extension installation, I need to copy the SQLite
database in the
jApp::configPath('db') path. I've specified some instructions inside the
install directory (announcementAdmin) but I'm not quite sure that they are
 - The announcementAdmin form
has two options that are not taken into account (permanent and
display_type) [2]. Despite my different tests, the values are always 0 for
permanent and empty for display_type. I've already asked the question on
the jelix forum
 - Add a readme for the github repository project

I would be happy to discuss with the lizmap team about this extension and
how I can solve the issues about some form options not correctly taken into



[1] https://github.com/arno974/lizmap-announcement

Arnaud Vandecasteele
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