[Mapbender-dev] New Mapbender contributors

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Mon May 29 16:18:43 EDT 2006

Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> Hello Peter, Thomas,
> welcome to the team.

thanks for adding me as contributor, and i thought i just wanted
to be an observer ;-)

> Until now you have contributed indirectly by hacking the Wiki and 
> throwing the on and off pieces of code over the fence. But I remember 
> that you both showed interest in joining the core development and 
> eventually getting commit access to the source code repository. As we 
> know you for quite some time now this would basically a formality, we'll 
> do that via the dev list.
> But for us it would be interesting to understand what you need to get 
> going. Our problem is that we try to provide all information that is 
> necessary for the interested developer to get involved but being inside 
> makes it difficult to look at what is needed from the outside.

(What i really need at the moment is some extra time, but it
won't get any better for the next 3-4 month, so...)

Technically a kind of flowchart would have been helpful in the
beginning , something which explains how the parts of mapbender work 
The now existing module and api list is definitely a great step into the
right direction, but i think perhaps some 'glue' is still missing. 
Is/was this only my problem?

On the other hand digging through the sourcecode is the best way to
learn anyway.

> So we would like to know whether it is transparent to you how decisions 
> are made regarding the development, how new versions are planned and 
> what basic guidelines apply to contributing development to the Mapbender 
> project.

in short: not really, partly and no

Ok, longer version:
These pages are not really easy to find (i must admit i have general 
problems with the structure of the mapbender wiki and the osgeo site):


Are there any pages regarding coding guidelines, other ways of 
submitting something then "throwing code over the fence"?

> If you are lazy (and as good developers 
> you should be...) or shy (will probably not apply :-) you can also give 
> feedback in German or offlist - then I will route the key issues to 
> whichever place makes sense.

Even not so good developers can be lazy ;-), but i think i have to 
practice my English. If there is anything too ambiguous in my answer i 
can try it in german, too.

> Thanx & have a nice weekend,
> Arnulf.


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