new treefolder

Melchior Moos Nimix at
Wed Oct 25 04:53:03 EDT 2006

the last time I spend some time in searching a replacement library for the old treefolder structure. The main reason to replace the old one is that it does not work in browsers like Opera or KHTML based browsers.
So I looked at about 10 different trees. The conditions for the new tree are that it is open-source (GPL) and that it works in the most common browsers. In my opinion the best tree I found is jsTree ( It is under GPL and works in Opera, KHTML and Gecko based browsers and MSIE, without having browser-switches in the code. In addition it is fexilble (it can be changed without realoading) and easy to use. The only disadvantage I can see is that it is not listed at a portal like sourceforge.
Melchior Moos

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