[Mapbender-dev] current status of sld-branch

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Mon Oct 15 11:03:01 EDT 2007

Hi SLD-Workgroup and Devs,

just wanted to inform you that, the sld branch has some updated
functionality. Please keep in mind that this is a development

- the SLD-Editor is now hooked to the layer and gui id
- when "mit SLD" in the SLD-Editor Menu is selected, the
gui_wms_sldurl is updated with the url that creates a sld for this
gui-wms: all users will see this wms in this gui with the sld applied
- filter editor updated: use button "Aktualisieren" while editing the
filter, "Änderungen speichern" when you're finished
- changes in the db schema (new column fkey_gui_id, column name changes)

I'd like to have a component SLD report in trac, so we could define
what features should make it in 2.5 (or later) and the status of

Cheers, Michael

Michael Schulz
mschulz at webgis.de

in medias res
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79108 Freiburg

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