[Mapbender-dev] development plans: TreeGDE 2.1

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Tue Oct 30 11:15:32 EDT 2007

Hi list,

while working with the "newer" TreeGDE 2 (which is way better than the
old tree-module) we noticed some smaller disadvantages.

We therefore want to start working on a TreeGDE 2.1-module which is
based on the current TreeGDE 2-module. Please share your ideas and
demands for a new version of the tree. As always no one guarantees
desired functionality but sharing your thoughts might lead to a better
realisation of the module.

We want to change certain things (This are first ideas we are collecting):

    * removal of tabular layout
    * removal of invalid markup (id starting with numbers)
    * better interactivity (defining custom callbacks?)
    * AJAXify the tree ?

Maybe we will have the ability to put some more functionality in the
tree.  BTW: has the community agreed on putting jquery in the main frame?

Feel free to share all your thoughts about this mild redesign on the
list or within the wiki (I have not set up a page, I was unsure as to
where this would fit best)



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