[Mapbender-dev] Printing the Measurement

Samson, Marko Marko.Samson at wald-und-holz.nrw.de
Mon Aug 11 06:13:44 EDT 2008

I just recognized, that the last clicked part of o stroke from a lenght measurement does not apear at the pdf file. (2.5rc5)

The function addMeasuredItem from print_functions.php deletes the last part of the measure-array, if the measure-array isn't a closed polygon (first==last point):

219 	    if (isClosedPolygon($theFullArr)) {
220 	      $nr_of_points = count($theFullArr);
221 	        $isClosed = TRUE;
222 	    } else {
223 	      $nr_of_points = count($theFullArr) - 1;
224 	        $isClosed = FALSE;
225 	    }

Is there a reason why? I just deleted the "-1" and everything works fine. 

Marko Samson

Marko Samson
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