[Mapbender-users] Mapbender WMS Request (BBox)

Johannes Scholz johannes.scholz at tugraz.at
Thu Apr 17 05:41:04 EDT 2008

Hi Arnulf,

Thanks for your immediate answer :)
Maybe I didn't describe the problem properly:
1) the WMS loads perfectly, although slow, if you type in the correct 
service request with the correct BBox.
2) I add the WMS to to an new mapbender application and add it to a gui 
as described in the documentation
3) if I open the corresponding Mapbender-GUI the WMS is not displayed 
correctly, du to the new wrong BBox parameters in the internal WMS 
Request that is constructed by Mapbender 
(BBOX=-24.5,28.841282894736842,34.5,74.15871710526315). I have no clue 
where these BBox coordinates come from? maybe you could give me a hint? 
(the correct BBox coordinates in epsg: 31297 are: minx : 80711, miny : 
181203, maxx : 715487, maxy : 570643)

So my problem is: why does mapbender calculates other bbox coordinates 
other than defined in the getcapabilities doc during the initialization 
of a GUI? how is the process of "finding" the BBox coordinates to a 
given WMS in Mapbender? In mapbender 2.4.1 everything worked perfect - i 
recently migrated to 2.4.5 :)

Thanks very much for your help!
Best regards
> Hi,
> for me your WMS loads perfectly fine (using Version 2.4.5 rc1), either using the button AddWMS of the application <gui> or uploading the Capabilities and adding it to an existing application or creating a new application. 
> I cannot find any problem? 
> The service is not very fast but technically it looks good. 
> Best regards, 
> Arnulf.

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