[Mapbender-users] php with Option "--with-mm" needed for mapbender use ?

"Schönhammer, Herbert" Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Mon Apr 28 05:14:54 EDT 2008

Hi List,

I don' get php5 running with configured option "--with-mm". 

I really don't understand the php5-docs: 
"Session support is enabled in PHP by default. If you would not like to build your PHP with session support, you should specify the --disable-session option to configure. To use shared memory allocation (mm) for session storage configure PHP --with-mm[=DIR] . "

So my question:

1) Is this php-option "--with-mm" needed for use with mapbender ?
2) Perhaps, if a "secure"-server (https, ows-security-proxy, ...) should be created ?

I must setup a new mapbender-Server. This Server must use SLES 10 and support mapbender, postgresql/postgis and oracle (via oci with mapserver and php5).

I had some troubles configuring and compiling all needed stuff. 

I was not able to get SLES10-php5 working with Oracle-OCI.
Using the oracle-Zend-stuff, Oracle was working well, but I was not able to get the needed "--with-mbstring" (or Zend_Translate) working.

So I downloaded php 5.2.5 from www.php.net and compiled from scratch. But using --with-mm I get an error message when starting apache (no configue-error and no compiling error).

MapBender 2.5rc1 seems to work without "--with-mm", postgres/postgis is working, oracle is working.

I would be glad, if somebody could tell me, whether this option really is not needed for mapbender-use  !


Herbert Schoenhammer

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