[Mapbender-users] Problems with EPSG

Len Kne knex0001 at umn.edu
Mon Jun 16 12:17:52 EDT 2008

I'm not familiar with geoserver, but it sounds like geoserver is rendering
the map properly and not the issue.  Couple ideas in Mapbender.  First, I
would suggest turning off the change ESPG module while troubleshooting -
once it works, bring it back.  Depending on which version of Mapbender you
are using, you may have may have to add a line of code to changeESPG.php to
include your projection.  The scale bar also does not work properly in
lat/lon (4326), but should be ok once you get to your projection.
In the Admin module, look at "WMS GUI settings".  The top WMS of an
application/gui sets the default projection.  I'm guessing your first WMS is
set to 4326.  You might have to move your WMS from geoserver to the top
position, thus allowing you to select 32761 projection.


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Hi list, 
I'm using geoserver 1.6.4 and mapbender with a Postgis database to put my
maps on the web as a part of a project. I'm really a newbie to all this.
After having a lot of trouble I finally made it and I got to see my layers,
but ... they appear to be a mirror image and distorted. I realized they are
projected in EPSG 4326, although I defined EPSG 32761 in geoserver, where
everything worked well. Also the scale doesn't seem to work. 
When I change EPSG in the Mapbender GUI it returns an error. And I don't
know how to add other EPSG in the dropdown list in the WMS GUI Settings
Menu. I've tried to make some edits but haven't had luck!
I need to use EPSG: 32761: Universal Polar Stereographic because I'm working
on a area near Antarctica.
I've seen on the posts that somebody else had similar problems. I would
appreaciate every kind of help! Is there a way to solve this?
Many thanks!


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