[Mapbender-users] bug fix / GUIDE HOW TO APPLY BUG FIXES

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Mon Nov 10 04:08:13 EST 2008

Christoph Baudson schrieb:
> Thanks for your detailled suggestions. I will look into the load WMC 
> issue concerning character encoding.

You were right about this. I filed the following ticket


Here's how to install the bug fix: The last entry in this ticket links 
to the changeset


which contains the bits of code I changed in order to make it work. The 
changeset contains the patch. Every closed ticket should have a link to 
a changeset (If the closed ticket does not contain a link to a 
changeset, ask the person who closed the ticket).

If you encounter a patch in a changeset

1) Don't panic
2) Click on the link in order to get to the changeset
3) Check "Files" (these files have been changed). Follow the link, in 
this case


Notice the revision number, 3207. This is the exact version of the file 
containing the bug fix. Don't download the most recent version, download 
this exact version just to make sure.

4) Scroll down, and you will see a link "Original format". This is the 
link to the changed file. Download it and replace your old version with 
this new one (consider backing up your old file)

(Another way of applying the patch would be to click "Unified diff" on 
the changeset page...but I guess you would have to manually rename the 
paths in the diff...so this might be an advanced solution, but 
inevitable for patches where a lot of files have changed)

If the bug fix doesn't work, please feel free to re-open the ticket. You 
need an account to do this. See


for details.

Any questions? Please feel free to ask. I'm happy to explain Trac in detail.


> FYI: The WMC component of Mapbender has already been overhauled for 
> the upcoming Mapbender 2.6. Most likely, little to no bug fixing will 
> be done in this field in the 2.5 series. Please feel free to download 
> Mapbender directly from the SVN repository at
> http://svn.osgeo.org/mapbender/trunk/mapbender/
> in order to test the latest development. Remember to additionally 
> execute the update_2.6.sql file.
> Mapbender 2.6 will not include as many new features and grave changes 
> as 2.5 did, so it will not be delayed this time. RC1 is scheduled for 
> early January 2009, a stable release for FOSSGIS 2009.
> Have a nice weekend
> Christoph Baudson
> Burghardt.Scholle at stadt.wolfsburg.de schrieb:
>> Hello list,
>> I can confirm the errors, Mr. Schönhammer describe very clearly. 
>> Particularly the points 2 and 3 are very important for us too. Many 
>> of our users save their "projects" in a WMC-Document and would like 
>> to have german umlauts after reloading. We use our city map as 
>> overview too - it's very practical for orientation. Until mapbender 
>> version 2.2.3 the overview always was generated - no matter whether 
>> its WMS was switched on or off. I know that the associated procedur 
>> was redesigned, but the actual behavior is "suboptimal". I would 
>> appreciate a better solution too.
>> Greetings
>> Burghardt Scholle
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>> Schönhammer, Herbert
>> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 6. November 2008 17:32
>> An: mapbender_users at lists.osgeo.org
>> Betreff: [Mapbender-users] MB 2.5: Erros in modules loadwmc / overview
>> Hi list,
>> now I'm doing the second sight for loadwmc. I think, i have found 
>> some erros and I have some questions too:
>> 1. Error: Positioning of Overview
>> =================================
>> Like in earlier versions of MB 2.5, the overview-picture is 
>> positioned wrong in the overview after loading a wmc. The picture in 
>> the overview is smaller than the picture in the original gui.
>> 2. Error: German Umlauts in WMS- and Layer-Title
>> ================================================
>> Yes I know, we should avoid them, but we all must "sell" our work to 
>> our chiefs too ;-)
>> Using german umlauts in a mapserver mapfile and loading this wms in 
>> mapbpender, the umlauts are displayed correctly. Saving a wmc, (I 
>> think) the umlauts are stored correct too.
>> But after loading the wmc, the umlauts are not displayed correct.
>> 3. Problem/Error: Which content in Overview ?
>> ==========================================================
>> In a "normal" gui, the overview picture is generated by a wms. The 
>> number of the used wms ist stored in attribute SRC of module 
>> overview: ../php/mod_mapOV.php?wms=3&....
>> Therefore the wms must be loaded into the gui AND the wms must be 
>> VISIBLE (if the wms is "hidden", no overview picture is displayed in 
>> mapbender; this is a different behavior by comparison to earlier 
>> MapBender-versions !).
>> Let's assume, we use wms "Stadtplan" (WMS id = 3) as wms for 
>> generating the overview picture.
>> Let's assume, the user don't want to see the wms "Stadtplan" (the 
>> user switches off the checkbox for this wms; this is possible, 
>> because the wms must be visible !). The user chooses other wms.
>> Now the user saves a wmc and loads this wmc.
>> After loading the wmc no overview picture is generated. The needed 
>> wms is not checked !
>> 3. Suggestions for solution
>> ===========================
>> 3.1 Overview with static pixmap (my priority ONE)
>> -------------------------------
>> Mapbender should offer another, second possibility for generating 
>> overviews. A pixmap should be used (the limits and epsg-code may be 
>> given as a var for module overview).
>> This pixmap will always be used, independent from user's choice of wms.
>> Another benefit is, that the server has no not to compute wms 
>> requests for overviews.
>> 3.2 The "old" MapBender behavior ist restored (my priority TWO)
>> ----------------------------------------------
>> If a "hidden" wms could be used (again) for generating overviews, a 
>> "hidden" wms with id=0 could ALWAYS be loaded into a gui. So always 
>> the same overview is used in a gui, independent of the selected wms.
>> 3.3 Mapbender Extensions in WMC-XML-file (my priority THREE)
>> ========================================
>> MabBender will also save the WMS for generating the overview picture 
>> as a mapbender extension in the wmc file.
>> Is there a possibility to implement solutions 3.1 and/or 3.2 at once 
>> ? Or in the next MB version 2.5.1 ?
>> Or has anybody a tipp for me, how to restore the old mapbender 
>> behavior ?
>> greetings
>> Schoenhammer Herbert
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