[Mapbender-users] MB 2.5: Error using mod_log in combination with mod_resize_mapsize

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Thu Nov 13 10:30:41 EST 2008

Hi list,

I have just "played" with logging in MB 2.5 using mod_resize_mapsize.

Old behavior of resize_mapsize
In versions < 2.5 of mapbender:
At once after starting a gui the default-wms were requested. Using module mb_log, these requests were logged in table mb_log.

After resizing the mapframe, new request were made and these requests were logged too (of course).

New behavior of resize_mapsize
For decreasing server's work, I suggested some time ago:

resize_mapsize should first change the size of the map and afterwards the needed wms should be requested.
This behavior is now implemented in MB 2.5

The error
Opening a gui, mod_log is logging all requests for default -wms, but unfortenately twice !

If I select 3 wms as default wms in "wms gui settings", 6 wms-requests are logged in table mb_log.

Should be a bug.

Perhaps there are some leftovers of the old code logging the trials for wms-requests before changing the map size ??

Solution ?

Has anybody some tipps for me ?

Herbert Schoenhammer

P.S: After loading the gui all further wms-requests are logged correctly !

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