[Mapbender-users] eplace iframe in vertical tab module

karsten at terragis.net karsten at terragis.net
Mon Sep 15 03:36:17 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I am working on integrating some components of the Ext JavaScript library
(extjs.com) into my Mapbender application. Specifically I wanted to use ext
windows and grid filters with a query builder.
I am using the vertical tabs (which use iframes) and one of them holds my
original query builder. From that tab I wanted to run user initialized
database queries - the results of which then will be displayed in a extjs
window. So far so good - but unfortunately the iframe architecture makes it
problematic to call the extjs windows (a div) which is then stuck in the
small iframe instead of being on the main page...
Thus, here is finally my question: what would it take to replace the iframes
of the vertical tab module and make it work with mapbender using "divs"
instead .That would eliminate the trouble I got with the iframe in this
Will this need total re-engineering of the module - or should this be
pretty strait forward ? And would anybody have some suggestions where I can
start creating an alternative "div" based module?

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