[Mapbender-users] Problem with grouped layers and GetFeatureInfo

Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Mon Feb 16 15:22:41 EST 2009

Hello Clemens,

Mapbender just has a look at the group itself which is not querable. The
layer which are part of the group have the information queryable="1".

There are two ways to get the feature info work:

1. enable
One solution could be to enable the treeGDE element var "handlesublayer"
to show the grouped layer in the tree aswell.
Have a look at http://www.mapbender.org/Handlesublayer
You can define the element var handlesublayer by the following sql:

INSERT INTO gui_element_vars(fkey_gui_id, fkey_e_id, var_name, var_value,
context, var_type) VALUES('gui', 'treeGDE', 'handlesublayer', 'false',
'handle grouped layers' ,'var');

Then the tree will show the layer of the group in the tree. And Mapbender
has the information that they are querable.

2. Manipulate the database entries in table layer and gui_layer
a) find out the layerid from the group (admin2_de WMS GUI Einstellungen)
b) go to table layer and set layer_queryable to 1 for the group
c) do the same for gui_layer.gui_layer_queryable and 
gui_layer.gui_layer_querylayer (this change you can either in the table or
vie gui admin2_de WMS GUI Einstellungen)
d) open your gui and tray the feature info for your group

Good luck and best regards


On Mon, February 16, 2009 3:59 pm, beyer at multimediaplan.at wrote:
> Hi group,
> I currently have a problem with grouped layers and GetFeatureInfo as
> follows:
> I have a mapfile with two layers which are combined in one group. Each of
> the two layers
> says that it can provide information (the info checkboxes are enabled),
> but the
> group layer says there is no info (checkboxes are disabled).
> (see screenshot: http://www.corp.at/temp/wms.jpg)
> All data is stored in a Postgres database. The two layers are grouped by
> the help of a UMN map file. When I set up a GetFeatureInfo request
> manually, it works -
> but Mapbender thinks my group layer does not have a featureInfo (error
> message: "Please
> select a layer! Bitte waehlen Sie eine Ebene zur Abfrage aus!").
> What am I doing wrong?
> Best regards,
> Clemens
> Und das Ganze auch auf Deutsch:
> Hallo Gruppe,
> ich habe momentan ein Problem mit grouped layers und GetFeatureInfo:
> Ich habe ein Mapfile mit zwei Layern, die in einer Gruppe zusammengefasst
> sind. Beide
> Layer haben offensichtlich abfragbare Zusatzinformation (die Checkboxen
> sind klickbar),
> aber der Gruppenlayer meint, da wäre nix (Checkboxen ausgegraut).
> (siehe Screenshot: http://www.corp.at/temp/wms.jpg)
> Alle Daten liegen in einer Postgres-Datenbank. Die beiden Layer sind im
> UMN-Mapfile
> gruppiert. Wenn ich einen GetFeatureInfo-Request händisch aufbaue,
> funktioniert er -
> aber Mapbender meint, mein Grupenlayer würde keine FeatureInfos haben
> (Fehlermeldung:
> "Please select a layer! Bitte waehlen Sie eine Ebene zur Abfrage aus!").
> Was mache ich da bloß falsch?
> LG,
> Clemens
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