[Mapbender-users] Re: Mapbender recognizes wrong SRS of my geoserver-WMS

Albrecht GMX aweiser at gmx.de
Thu Feb 26 15:44:34 EST 2009

Hello Astrid,
indeed the mapbender setup checker showed an error in the postgis configuration:

Warning: pg_query() [function.pg-query]: Query failed: FEHLER: Funktion postgis_full_version() existiert nicht LINE 1: select postgis_full_version(); ^ HINT: Keine Funktion stimmt mit dem angegebenen Namen und den Argumenttypen überein. Sie müssen möglicherweise ausdrückliche Typumwandlungen hinzufügen. in D:\Server\clients\mapbender_2.4.5\http\tools\mapbender_setup.php on line 174
pg_query(Resource id #7,select postgis_full_version();)
PostGIS support		no PostGIS function available

But my postgis is vital and working:

template_postgis=# \df postgis*
                                    Liste der Funktionen
 Schema |            Name            | Ergebnisdatentyp |        Argumentdatenty
 public | postgis_full_version       | text             |
 public | postgis_geos_version       | text             |
 public | postgis_gist_joinsel       | double precision | internal, oid, internal, smallint
 public | postgis_gist_sel           | double precision | internal, oid, internal, integer
 public | postgis_jts_version        | text             |
 public | postgis_lib_build_date     | text             |
 public | postgis_lib_version        | text             |
 public | postgis_proj_version       | text             |
 public | postgis_scripts_build_date | text             |
 public | postgis_scripts_installed  | text             |
 public | postgis_scripts_released   | text             |
 public | postgis_uses_stats         | boolean          |
 public | postgis_version            | text             |
(13 Zeilen)
template_postgis=# SELECT postgis_version();

Also the database check of the setup checker shows all green lights. I didn't find the misconfiguration responsible for the postgis check errors :o(
Best regards

> Hello Albert,

> please check whether your Mapbender has PostGIS support (the Mapbender
> PostgreSQL database needs the postgis functions).

> For changing the EPSG we need the PostGIS function transform.

> Maybe this is the problem

> Best regards

> Astrid

> On Wed, February 25, 2009 12:27 pm, Albrecht Weiser wrote:
>> Hi mapbender list,
>> today i post a strange behaviour of my mapbender. I wanted to add a
>> geoserver WMS to my mapbender WMS-URL's. When creating a separate gui from
>> that, the initial SRS of the gui is epsg:4326. When i want to change to
>> the native SRS of the WMS (which is epsg:31467), the gui says "undefined".
>> But that's not true, because the only SRS defined in this WMS is
>> epsg:31467. That's a problem, because i want to overlay a WMS with a
>> topo-map from remote and thats in epsg:31467 too. If i want to load both
>> layers, i get an error: all layers must be in the same SRS.
>> But when i test the WMS with the test-mapbender from
>> http://mapbender.telascience.org, then the service is being correctly
>> bound as epsg:31467 (i can also switch to 4326 or 31466 even though these
>> SRS aren't defined in my WMS - weird thing!).
>> It means, my mapbender-settings are faulty somewhere.
>> Does somebody have an idea where to search?
>> Thanks
>> Albrecht

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