[Mapbender-users] Installing Mapbender from SVN-trunk, some general questions

Marc Jansen jansen at terrestris.de
Wed Jan 20 04:34:48 EST 2010

Hi List,

I experienced some problems when trying to install Mapbender from trunk. 
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

What I did:

   1. Checked out the source from SVN
   2. Exported the directories below (those were listed in
      'Install.txt') to a seperate directory
          * conf
          * core
          * documents
          * http
          * lib
          * license
          * log
          * owsproxy
          * resource
   3. ran the great install.sh to populate the DB (PG 8.4 with PostGIS
      1.4.1 on Ubuntu 09.10, that is)
   4. configured Apache to have an appropriate alias
   5. edited mapbender.conf to fit my setting

First of all I would guess that the folder 'tools' should be exported as 
well, right? (for the I18n-stuff) If so, the file 'Install.txt', should 
be updated IMHO.

Accessing the virtual directory worked as expected, I see the greeting 
screen with login mask, I can login as root and the list of applications 
is fine.

I noticed errors (?) with some of the GUIs though:

    * GUI 'gui': Firebug says: "setBBOX: no bounding box found.", the
      log-file dito:
          o "Warning: the sessionVariable: mb_myBBOX is read but it's
            not set!'"
          o "Warning: the sessionVariable: mb_myPOI is read but it's not
          o "Warning: the sessionVariable: mb_myBBOXEpsg is read but
            it's not set!'"
          o same with "mb_myBBOXEpsg", "mb_myBBOXEpsg_transform"
    * the GUI 'gui' itself looks ok to me, and seems to be working
      correctly. Why the warnings? Should I bother?
    * GUI 'gui1': Throws a JavaScript erro in instanciation and does not
      finish loading: Firebug complains "$.widget is not a function
      (3175 out of range 997)", the logfile:
          o Notices more or less the same as above, but...
          o "ERROR: Javascript not found: mod_addCSW.php"
    * GUI 'gui2': loads more or less, but no maps are visible, only the
      other HTML elements, Firbug throws an error:
      "$(savewmcHtml).dialog is not a function", and the logfile only
      has some notices, no errors
    * GUI 'gui_digitize': loads fine and is usable (I did not test every
      aspect, but it seems ok), no errors just notices in the logfile.

Is there one step in installing Mapbender that I missed?
Are the warnings/errors I see (at least partly) caused by the missing 
'tools' folder?

TIA and regards,


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