[Mapbender-users] Installing Mapbender from SVN-trunk, some general questions

Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Wed Jan 20 07:38:02 EST 2010

Marc Jansen schrieb:
>>>    * GUI 'gui1': Throws a JavaScript erro in instanciation and does not
>>>      finish loading: Firebug complains "$.widget is not a function
>>>      (3175 out of range 997)", the logfile:
>>>          o Notices more or less the same as above, but...
>>>          o "ERROR: Javascript not found: mod_addCSW.php"
>> I assume, that jQuery UI is not included in the application. But I'm 
>> a little confused, because I installed Mapbender yesterday and gui1 
>> is working fine.
> which other information would you like to have in order to narrow down 
> the problem? Did you install from a clean trunk or from some local 
> copy of Mapbender? Did I miss any important steps in installing 
> Mapbender?

Maybe remove the loadWMC / saveWMC modules. They are the only ones 
relying on jQuery UI afaik. Maybe it's just a missing SQL in the update 

>>>    * GUI 'gui2': loads more or less, but no maps are visible, only the
>>>      other HTML elements, Firbug throws an error:
>>>      "$(savewmcHtml).dialog is not a function", and the logfile only
>>>      has some notices, no errors
>> The same as gui1, missing jq_ui elements. I consider gui2 deprecated, 
>> but there are other opinions.
> so that's missing files in trunk, right?

No, it's again a matter of missing SQL statements. But then again, I'm 
not sure if we are going to keep this application in 2.7. Personally, I 
think it's obsolete.

>>>    * GUI 'gui_digitize': loads fine and is usable (I did not test every
>>>      aspect, but it seems ok), no errors just notices in the logfile.
>>> Is there one step in installing Mapbender that I missed?
>>> Are the warnings/errors I see (at least partly) caused by the 
>>> missing 'tools' folder?
>> Tools folder is not in the http folder because there are some scripts 
>> in there that can be exploited, like mapbender_setup.php (that's 
>> information you don't want to share).
> I don't want the folder to be moved to the http-folder. I would simply 
> suggest listing the fiolder in the file Install.txt, so one does 
> export the folder when installing from trunk. Correct me if I am 
> wrong, but the folder itself is needed in order to run setup.sh, isn't 
> it?

The folder is part of the Mapbender directory, so it is present after a 
checkout. It's on the same level as resources, http, and so on. The 
tools folder contains a script for creating the mo-files for i18n.

Maybe check what part of Mapbender you checked out. What command did you 



> Bye and thanks,
> Marc
>>> TIA and regards,
>>> Marc
>> Any questions, please contact us
>> Christoph
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