[Mapbender-users] Netzwerkprobleme: Failed to load WMS

Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Thu Feb 17 06:07:19 EST 2011

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if it becomes more intricate you might want to use mtr (traceroute) from
the client end with the URL that caused the error. It will give you a
list of all the network nodes involved. Then you have to ask each of
them whether they have an issue with the request. It could be a size
issue or some nasty webwasher that identifies the image as something

It might become more intricate still, if there is a firewall involved
that blocks the trace routing. Good luck.

Best regards,

Armin Retterath wrote:
> hello frank,
> it can be many things :-( . the url of the service is not accessible from the 
> external client. if you use the owsproxy module for your service, check that 
> it works right - that it give exceptions in image - like the text: layers 
> x,x,x are not allowed - or s.th. (maybe the session was lost). on the other 
> side, maybe your proxy or firewall  has some problems? ask the users for give 
> you a hint which error exception comes up when they load the message in the 
> new window. maybe it helps. if no other things will do the job - maybe 
> activate the owsproxy for this service. i think the problem lies in the 
> network between those users who have the message and your service.
> regards 
> armin
> Am Dienstag 15 Februar 2011, um 16:24:37 schrieb Jäger, Frank (KRZ):
>> Hallo,
>> bei einem unserer Kunden häufen sich die Fälle wo ein PopUp des Mapbender
>> 2.5.2 meldet:
>>  Failed to load WMS "bla bla" from Server "http ..."
>>  Do you want to try to load it in a new window?
>> Der betroffene Dienst (Orthofotos) ist recht flott, so dass ein TimeOut
>> ausgeschlossen werden kann. Messungen mit FireBug ergeben typischerweise:
>> 800 kb, 100 ms "warten" und 700 ms "empfangen".
>> Diese Werte sind in unserem Intranet fast die gleichen wir beim Kunden ca.
>> 20 km entfernt.
>> Ich vermute irgend einen Engpass im Netz dazwischen. Was kann das sein?
>> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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