[Mapbender-users] There are no guis available for this user: root

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue May 10 10:27:00 EDT 2011

Hello Maria,

I do not know where the Problem of your installation could be.

Unfortunately maptools.org provides only the description for Mapbender 
2.5.2 (we have to update the page).

Maybe you do the installtion with the actual Mapbender 2.7.1 and we 
hopefully will not have any problems with 2.7.1 or try to find the 
problem with the actual version.

Please run the install script install.bat [2] . The script will create a 
Mapbender database and will create the mapbender/conf/mapbender.conf 
file too.

Hope you will have success. Else please check the Mapbender error-files 
at mapbender/log/ and please check the php-logs. Please contact the list 
again, if there are still problems with the new version.

Best regards


[1] http://www.mapbender.org/download/mapbender_2.7.1.zip
[2] http://www.mapbender.org/Installation_en#Install_Script

María Mares schrieb:
> Hello!!
> I am new to this list and also new with Mapbender.
> I installed Mapbender with the package: MS4W, I have done all the 
> installation according to the documentation page (1).
> When I finish, go to the Mapbender Setup-Checker (2) all the 
> parameters I get OK.
> But trying log with the user and password: root/root tells me that 
> "There Are guis not available for this user. "
> I have done the installation several times but not in what can go 
> wrong, the database created by the install-2.5.2.bat does appear full 
> of tables and other ...
> Some ideas please?!
> Thanks and sorry by my english of google... i'm spanish.
> (1): 
> http://www.mapbender.org/Manual_Installation#PHP_Configuration_PHP_configuration
> (2):
> PHP Configurationcheck
> php Version 	X 	Version: 5.3.6
> interface 	X 	Modul-PHP
> path to php.ini 	X 	C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\php.ini
> extension_dir 	X 	/ms4w/Apache/php/ext/(check the path, is it correct?)
> session.save_path 	X 	/ms4w/tmp (check out the authorisation of the dir)
> memory Limit 	X 	128M (running in memory-trouble with printing? 
> Perhaps raise your memory limit)
> error-reporting 	
> 	(Your error_reporting configuration is not implementet into this test 
> yet. You shoul know what you are doing or set it to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE)
> session.save_handler 	X 	session.save_handler = files
> file_Uploads 	X 	On
> allow_url_fopen 	X 	On
> short_open_tag 	X 	Off
> JSON support 	X 	Native PHP
> PHP Extensioncheck
> MySQL check 	X 	MySQL installed
> PostgreSQL check 	X 	PostgreSQL installed
> GD2 check 	X 	GD installed
> mbstring check 	X 	mbstring installed
> gettext check 	X 	gettext installed
> Database check
> Administration Database 	X 	PostgreSQL
> Connect to Database 	X 	connected
> MD5 support 	X 	md5 supported
> PostGIS check
> PostGIS support 	X 	PostGIS function available
> Version 	X 	POSTGIS="1.5.2" GEOS="3.2.2-CAPI-1.6.2" PROJ="Rel. 4.6.1, 
> 21 August 2008" LIBXML="2.7.6" USE_STATS
> Mapbender Configuration Check
> Administration Database 	X 	pgsql
> DB-Server 	X 	localhost (is this your DB-Server)
> Mapbender-DB 	X 	mapbenderdb2 (is this your Mapbender-DB)
> DB-Owner 	X 	mapbender (is this your DB-Owner)
> PREPAREDSTATEMENTS 	X 	set to 'true' and php 5.3.6 should work
> TMPDIR 	X 	../tmp
> OWSPROXY 	X 	http:///owsproxy (Is this the right URL to your OWSPROXY?)
> AUTO_UPDATE 	X 	set to 0: (see the result of the test and update WMS 
> manually)
> ERROR LOGGING 	X 	Successful.
> LOG_LEVEL 	X 	set to 'error': -Mapbender-errors will be logged 	
> PORTAL 	X 	true (Users can create theirs own accounts)
> Login-Path 	http://localhost/mapbender/frames/login.php
> (If this link doesn't work, check your url to 'Login' in your 
> mapbender.conf
> Perhaps an alias in your httpd.conf will solve the problem, too)
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