[Mapbender-users] No maps shown when GUI is opened from outside Intranet

"Jäger, Frank (KRZ)" F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Thu Sep 15 07:35:17 EDT 2011

Hallo ALbert,
it seems to me, that the WMS (GetMap) is not rechable from the client (outside intranet).
But it's a miracle why the GetFeatureInfo works.

Take a look into the datase:
Table "wms" 
Columns "wms_getmap" and "wms_getfeatureinfo" shows the same adress? 

Use the Element "metadata" to see the Get-Map-Request.
Call it direct from the browser.

If WMS answers with XML (= Error) but not with .png or .jpeg, this is not visible in Mapbender.

Maybe: out of scale, out of maxsize,  ....


The FireFox-Plugin "WMS Inspector" is usefull to see the WMS in the client without the element metadata

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> Setup: mapbender: 2.7.1 ; geoserver: 2.1.0 ; Debian 6.0
> But my main problem is that the layer (raster and vector) in 
> my application are not shown when I try to open the link from 
> outside of the intranet.
> But if I use the feature info tool I got the feature Infos 
> from the layer, 
> Albert

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