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Hi Simone,

You asked for some hints: I really need in my application to get some info about the raster layers, in particular a legend with the color scale and some associated metadata (these raster files are the results of various processing chains performed on satellite data).

--> from my point of view the mentioned things are are to be done on the wms-server-side. (GetLegend-/GetFeatureInfo-Request), Mapbender just shows the response of the mentioned requests with Info- or legend-icon - also for raster-data. 
I'm sorry that I can't help you further, because I'm not into GeoServer. But I know this could be done with UMN-Mapserver. 
MapServer and GeoServer are nearly always capable to do the same things, so I would expect that this is possible with GeoServer too.

Maybe these links help:


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Ciao, Astrid,

and thank you for your reply.

I noticed that you didn't mention the first point in my email.
Maybe because it is a silly question?
GetFeatureInfo from a raster layer...

I really need in my application to get some info about the raster layers, in particular a legend with the color scale and some associated metadata (these raster files are the results of various processing chains performed on satellite data).
Is it possible to use the metedata icon in the LayerTree panel to link to an external source (a HTML or XML document, or a DB table maybe)?
And if so, could you give me some advice about that?
Forgive my insistence, but this is really important to me.

Thank you anyway,

Il giorno 08/mar/17, alle ore 18:33, Astrid Emde ha scritto:

> Hello,
> Am 2017-03-07 02:05, schrieb Simone Micozzi:
>> Hi to all.
>> I set up a webgis application based on PostGIS, GeoServer and 
>> MapBender.
>> The connections between the three components work fine:
>> the layers are regularly displayed by MapBender and when you click on 
>> a feature inside the map (after having selected the FeatureInfo
>> button) a dialog box shows up displaying the related data.
>> Now, what I would like to do is to have the same result clicking on a 
>> raster file, except that the info displayed would be of another kind, 
>> maybe a legend and/or some related metadata.
>> Is it possible? And, if it is, could anyone point me where to find 
>> some example or some guide about it?
>> Another thing I need to learn is how to style the Welcome Page and 
>> also the FeatureInfo dialog box.
> Style the featureInfo Box
> --------------------------
> Have a look at how to make your own template.
> http://doc.mapbender3.org/en/book/templates.html
> Note that the result comes from a WMS. SO maybe you have to style 
> Geoserver result too.
> Style the welcome page:
> -----------------------------------------
> You can overwrite the manager.html.twig file.
> It works like this in Symfony.
> 1. Create the file structure to where the file is located f.e
> /app/Resources/FOMManagerBundle/views/
> 2. Copy the file from the origin location to this location
> cp fom/src/FOM/ManagerBundle/Resources/views/manager.html.twig app/ 
> Resources/FOMManagerBundle/views/
> 3. now you can add a new css to you twig
>  <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset('bundles/workshopdemo/
> manager.css') }}"/>
> 4. Overwrite Information from the original style or change the twig 
> structure
> You find a sample manager.css in the workshop bundle.
> https://github.com/mapbender/mapbender-workshop/tree/master/src/Worksh
> op/DemoBundle/Resources/public
> Please note. This works for Mapbender
> Astrid
>> Thank you in advance for every possible help, Simone Micozzi 
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