[Mapbender-users] User Administrator in mapbender

Axel Schaefer axel.schaefer at wheregroup.com
Wed Jan 10 00:45:25 PST 2018

Hi Thomas.

Happy new year. :-) I - for myself - cannot reproduce this
behaviour. Can you give me the inputs:

- mygroupadmin: Has some users. Which ACL-rights?
- myusergroup: Has some other users. Which ACL-rights?
- Application: You add mygroupadmin, but which Applications-rights?
- Application: You add myusergroup, but which Applications-rights?

What happens, which is unexpected?

- You can view/edit/delete users of myusergroup, if the logged in user
  is in mygroupadmin.

- You can also edit all users. This is not what you expect to happen?

You expect to:

- That you can only view/edit/delete some users? But not all?

Is this the case? Can you give some information about your
configuration? Like UserA in mygroupadmin with ACL master in Users,
UserB in myusergroup, etc. Something like that.

That would be kind to reproduce. It seems like a workflow thing, but I
cannot tell it right now. Thanks so far.


Thomas Baschetti writes:

> Hi,
> i'm trying to implement a user administrator, but somehow i'm stuck
> What i want:
> - Application (name: app1): no problem
> - a couple of users: no problem
> - a group (name: myusergroup) of users with access to this application: no
> problem
> - a group of adminstrators for these users (name:mygroupadmin)
> what i can achieve:
> - users in the group mygroupadmin can view/edit/delete users of myusergroup
> Problem is giving the right to create users. Without 'owner' in ACL-> User
> no Username can be given. With this right the mygroupadmin can edit any
> user (even root), which is of course not what i want.
> What am i missing?
> Thomas

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