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Siline srunsiline at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 01:19:32 PST 2020


My original datatype for line_ref_num is varchar(10), I changed to text. I
still got the same error. 
Then I try the query in PhPmyadmin "SELECT t.`line_id`, t.`line_ref_num`,
t.`chainage`, t.`line_name`, t.`line_class_en`,
ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_Transform(t.`line_wkt`,4326)) as geom FROM gis_ruralroads_t2
t WHERE (t.line_class_en LIKE '%road%')". I got this error ST_Transform does
not exist. 

May be the MySQL does not understand function ST_Transform.
Could you please tell me which file that i can edit to remove ST_Transform?
and any suggestion for replace this function for mySQL? 


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